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Easy Watermark Studio 4.0

Current release: 4.0 (Version history)
Release date: 18.11.2014

Easy Watermark Studio is a professional and easy-to-use photo watermark software.

If you share or sell you pictures on the internet then you will never know were they will in up and what will happen to them, so the best way is find a watermark software. If you want to add your copyright to 500 pictures then Easy Watermark Studio is the best choice for you because it supports batch mode.
In addition, it can rename photos, re-size them and convert them to other formats so use Easy Watermark Studio to Sign your digital photos and to show they are copyrighted!


Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Simplified chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional chinese, Turkish


The watermark is a visual image, text or graphics that you place on the photo to keep privacy, also prevent the illegal copy of them. This indicates the image source or the owner, despite the fact that it is not difficult to erase, it does violate the copyright, and the guilty will be legally accounatable.
You can create this watermarks by using Easy Watermark Studio.
At least we can edit thousands of photos in one click!!!


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One of the best way to publish our photos is the Internet. If you want to publish your photos on the Internet, it must be eliminated, that anyone can copy your work, and use them without permission. The most effective way to prevent is the digital watermarking. Therefore to prevent the unauthorized use,you can edit arbitrary text, or edit logos on your images by digital watermarking. It is important that the watermark is placed in those parts of the image, where is difficult to be removed.
The Easy Watermark Studio is a professional watermarking application what lets you protect your photos easily against illegal use. This Software contains a number of individual settings. The only thing that remains is publishing them on the Internet. Easy Watermark Studio the perfect solution for photographers, graphic artists, companies.


Do you have many photo to watermark? Easy Watermark Studio is the perfect solution for you. You can put watermark at thousands of photos, can resize them, also convert them with this software. The Easy Watermark Studio is able to read more than 20 most known file formats, and convert them to 4 different formats (bmp, png, jpg, gif). Starting with version 1.5, the software supports the animated GIF files also.


If you want to publish images to various blogs, news sites, it is very important to tell the reader where the photos come from. In such a cases You can edit the logo of company, or the name on the corner of its images. This is not just copying tasks, but it is advertisement for your company or Web pages.

Software features:

  • Create a Photoshop like watermark
  • Create rounded image corner with really smooth edges
  • Create image reflections
  • Sinus transformation
  • Pixel filters (jitter, circle, grid, pixelize, noise ...)
  • Batch watermark: protect a photo group of any size at a time
  • Protect photo independent of their format
  • Edit watermarks in easy to use graphical interface
  • Create watermarks from image and text
  • Save watermark template for future use
  • Apply filters to watermarks : drop shadow, outher glow, alpha transparency
  • Rotate watermarks for photos
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection
  • Adjust the size of photos
  • Animated Gif support
  • Full Unicode support
  • Creating reflection for a better look
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 compatible

Readable image formats:

  • Tagged Image Format (*.TIF)
  • Compuserve GIF images (*.GIF)
  • JPEG image file (*.JPG;*.JPEG;)
  • Windows bitmap (*.BMP; *.RLE; *.DIB;)
  • Portable Network Graphic (*.PNG)
  • Windows metafile (*.WMF;*.EMF;)
  • Photoshop images (*.PSD;*.PDD;)
  • Paintshop Pro images (*.PSP)
  • ZSoft Paintbrush images (*.PCX;*.PCC;)
  • Kodak Photo-CD images (*.PCD)
  • Truevision images (*.TGA;*.VST;*.ICB;*.VDA;*.WIN;)
  • Autodesk images files (*.CEL;*.PIC;)
  • Word 5.x screen capture files (*.SCR)
  • Portable pixel/gray map images (*.PPM;*.PGM;*.PBM;)
  • Dr. Halo images (*.CUT)
  • SGI Wavefront images (*.RLA;*.RPF;)
  • RAW camera formats (*.CRW; *.CR2; *.NEF; *.RAW; *.PEF; *.RAF; *.X3F; *.BAY; *.ORF; *.SRF; *.MRW; *.DCR; *.SR2;)



Output image formats:

  • Tagged Image Format (*.TIF)
  • Compuserve GIF images (*.GIF)
  • JPEG image file (*.JPG;*.JPEG;)
  • Windows bitmap (*.BMP; *.RLE; *.DIB;)
  • Portable Network Graphic (*.PNG)
  • Adobe PDF file (*.PDF)

Animated GIF features:

  • Create Text and Image watermark
  • Resize GIF animation
  • Create reflection
  • Create rounded corner



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